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"Knowing that our music staff is a couple of stages behind our art staff, we wanted them to have the benefit of seeing where our journey in curriculum and aligning standards has taken us so far in the art department. It was one of those moments where you feel that warm glow and that inner 'Hey, this is exactly what we were hoping for all of our work.' It gave the music staff a template of where they can go next. It was such a great feeling to have it all there in a collection of documents, clear, concise, and just want we needed."

Jennifer Olson, Rochester Elementary Visual Arts Partners

"The workshop helped to morph my classroom into a space where students were more engaged, respected, and included in the learning process."

Albert Lea Senior High School English and Journalism teacher

"Perpich Center has provided teachers and students in my district, in addition to others from across the state, with a myriad of valuable opportunities for both growth and professional collaboration that are simply not readily available anywhere else in the state of Minnesota."

Anoka High School Art Department Chair

"The professional development arm of Perpich has led the state in its investigation of what quality art making is and why it matters to our state, kids, and future…all things must be made, making requires creative and critical thinking. Our state must continue to support the future - which will come through the creative professions and their invention."

Foundation Studies Chair, Coordinator of Teaching Artist Programming, College of Visual Arts

"The program transformed my teaching. The way the program taught us by having us experience the lessons ourselves, the way Perpich treated us like professionals, the way Perpich worked from where we were as teachers and moved us forward to encourage ultimate growth was the best experience I have ever had in professional development!"

Moreland Magnet Facilitator, West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Area Schools (District 197)

"Perpich Center is able to reach every child in this state via the rigorous professional development that they provide teachers, districts, and communities."

Vocal Music and Fine Arts Coordinator, Washburn High School, Instructor of Secondary Choral Methods, St. Olaf College, Northfield

"Our students have access through PALS (the inter-library loan system) to get materials for instruction. Research and best practices in art education come from Perpich. It is Perpich Center that provides the leadership in implementing the art standards in K-12 schools."

Kathryn Gainey, Professor of Art, St. Cloud State University

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